Reception Committee Appeal


Dear Friends,
We are pleased to know that Medical Service Centre (MSC), a unique national-level socio-medical voluntary organisation of our country is going to hold its 6th All India Conference at Rohtak, Haryana & New Delhi on 15th to 17th October 2016. About a thousand delegates including, distinguished medical teachers, scientists, super-specialists and all categories of health professionals from across the country and abroad are scheduled to participate. The challenges confronting medical science, its teaching, research and practice, health services, drugs and devices, health budget and insurance, and associated issues like nutrition, drinking water and sanitation, environment of our country are to be taken up for deliberation.
It warms our heart when we see our students, colleagues and friends of THE MEDICAL SERVICE CENTRE (MSC) over almost four decades take enormous risks as first responders in emergency medical relief following natural and manmade disasters through mobile teams and camps. Consequently MSC has developed very high level of technical expertise and experience in the extremely complex medical problems associated with natural disasters in India as evidenced in its multifaceted roles. Although MSC has never expressed desire or attempted for formal recognition or awards for its services, there has been many examples of such from highly respected international organisations. The first field hospital of the MSC, following the Super Cyclone in Orissa, 1999 received appreciation and logistic support of the noble peace laureates Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF, Spain/ Doctors Without Borders). The next field hospital following the destructive Earthquake in Gujarat, 2001, was appreciated by experts from the Disaster Medicine Department of Kobe University, Japan and logistically supported by the Indian and Ukrainian Military Field Hospital teams. The M S C created 4 field hospitals following the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2004 –05 in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and dispatched mobile teams to Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Puducherry. MSC has been reaching out to the hapless victims following cyclones, repeated floods in Assam-Bihar-Bengal-Odisha-Maharashtra-Gujarat-Andhra Pradesh-Tamilnadu, as also following the recent deluge that devastated Chennai last winter. They have gained in Himalayan experience throughout a year following the Uttarakhand Disaster 2013, over one & a half month in the J&K Floods 2014, and even extending to the foreign land in the Nepal Earthquake last year.
MSC presently works across the country in 18 states and 2 union territories. What sets MSC apart is its noble ideology and line of thought for elevating the plight of ailing millions. It has led MSC beyond medical relief to play a leading role in sensitisation of masses on prevailing and emerging health issues and policy advocacy. Currently they have been mobilising opinion of health professionals upon the present National Health Policy 2015 Draft. This Draft Policy has been moved administratively by the Union Government keeping health professionals across the country almost in the dark. Issues like gradually handing over the health care delivery system to private players and corporates; channelizing public money from our ever-dwindling health budget to the insurance sector; no practical policy on manufacture and quality control of drugs and devices through public sector to make these available to the people at large through government health system; directing medical, nursing and paramedical education mainly towards capitation fee based system; inadequate development and training of health workers and non-registered medical practitioners; these are some of the pertinent issues that the MSC has brought to the notice of the medical profession and public at large, and even registered a strong rational point of view to the highest offices of the country.
We welcome the Concept of THE MEDICAL SERVICE CENTRE which was formed in the year 1977 and given a national shape in the year 1986: the goal was to provide emergency and also low-intensity medical care to all individuals especially in times of disasters, distress and deprivation, free of cost. The organisation runs by voluntary services of its numerous members and pro-people doctors of all systems of medical practice and all categories of health professionals, and voluntary donations from the common man and like-minded organisations.
We also appreciate and feel it necessary that the MSC strives to inculcate the life struggles of the pioneers and stand as a beacon to combat erosion of ethics, decadent individualism, commodification and commercialization of health and education which make us see hope for the future.
We wish the 6th All India Conference a grand success and hope it will forge a guideline out of the ills ailing our health system. We call upon all concerned to heartily participate in the event, extend kind patronage and be generous to make success this noble endeavour.


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