Signature Format On NHP 2015

The Honb’le Prime Minister of India,

The National Health Policy 2015 Draft (NHP 2015) displayed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in its website mentions no authors, and seeks to complete the full circle of privatisation-commercialisation-commodification of health. This attack was first initiated in the 1st National Health Policy of 1983 which had introduced encouragement and invitation to private sector in health field, and the 2nd Policy in 2002 which opened the floodgate of privatisation. Subsequent measures like NRHM/NUHM, PPP, VISION 2015, UHC, RSBY all enhanced withdrawal of government responsibility and accentuated commercialisation of health. The current Draft openly expresses that it is governmental responsibility of running and sustaining a fast pumped up corporate health and insurance industry at the cost of public exchequer. Insurance coverage of health is not right of people to health.
We strongly oppose such anti-people policy as the dreams of our martyrs & freedom fighters, and our hopes of a dignified living is being trampled to dust.
We demand:
1. The Ministry should form a Health Commission comprising of representatives all streams of medical practices particularly public health and all categories of health personnel and organisations who have contribution towards pro-people systems, before finalizing the NHP 2015.
2. Declare health as a fundamental right. Increase Health Budget to at least 10 % of GDP to implement free health for all. No privatisation-commercialisation-commodification of health care delivery system in tertiary, secondary and also primary tier.
3. No introduction of ‘Health Entitlement Card’ (HETC) in the false promise of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). No introduction of health taxes or health cess.
4. Introduce a pro-people scientific drug policy along with medical equipments & diagnostic instruments to ensure free health care for all.
5. Govt. should build up all health infrastructure from SHC to tertiary hospitals with permanent posting, not contractual at all categories as per Indian Public health Standard. Follow transparent & rational promotional policy.
6. Stop commodification of medical, nursing, paramedical education and capitation through VISION 2015. Prevent destruction of standard of education & ethics.
7. Arrange proper evaluation, research, scientific integration & utilisation of AYUSH.
8. Appoint non registered village practitioners at grass root level of health care delivery system after proper training, as dignified health worker in permanent post. Fix job specification & arrange adequate training of ASHA; recognise them as permanent health worker with proper salary.

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