What is MSC

Emergence of Medical Service Centre (M S C)

All these – endless sufferings of the ailing masses, lack of pro-people health policies, absence of empathy for the suffering multitude, gross erosion of the medical ethics evoked deep concern and pain in us, a group of medical students, doctors, sisters and other health personnel. Will this state of affair continue forever? Is there no way out to be ridden of this dead weight free? Shall we not exert our individual role to transform the situation? Flood, drought, cyclone, earthquake, one epidemic on the heel of an other – are these inevitable? Should we merely be silent spectators? Then who will be the harbingers of medical ethics and values? Can we forget the realisation of the greatest scientist of this era, Albert Einstein, to fulfill the social obligation : “A hundred times everyday I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labours of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving”. Thus emerged the nucleus of Medical Service Centre.

Why Medical Service Centre

The question may arise naturally that inspite of so many social service organisations of similar type with priority of medical work being here , wherein lies the need of emergence of such a new one? To answer it we stress our approach in a nutshell.

It is a unique organisation of which rallies all who are concerned with health of the people, the point of unity being to uphold and protect the Right of the People to Health, and not for any privileges.

Secondly, Medical Service Centre is an organisation of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical technologists, students, village practitioners and all other health workers: the common platform of all the personnel related with the health care delivery system of our country, and from different systems of medical practices, inculcating essence of mutual respect for the valuable and necessary service rendered by each to the ailing.

Thirdly, Medical Service Centre was conceived as a socio-medical voluntary organisation to stand by the people in times of distress and disaster. We conduct mobile medical teams during disasters, permanent medical camps in urban slums and backward rural areas, 1-day camps, immunisation camps, diagnostic camps including blood grouping, anaemia, diabetes, arsenicosis, malaria, and sample collection during communicable disease outbreaks. We organise seminars, symposia and workshops for developing health awareness, fight superstitions and create awareness of Right to Health among our people including those devastated in disasters. We are trying to evolve medical knowledge on disaster medicine and epidemiology and organisation of field hospitals following disasters as and when necessary. We conduct workshops on socio-medical-ethical crises. None of this is charity, but our all this is duty to the society.

Fourth, we aim at helping to develop an integrated medical approach for the benefit of mankind through our endeavor for the scientific evaluation of the different practices of medicine. We encourage research upon upcoming and newer medical problems.

Fifth, the village practitioners can be developed into dignified health workers to be absorbed into the health care delivery system through proper training.

The policies of commercilisation and privatisation, a part and parcel of globalisation and liberalization, is bringing the control of medical sciences into the hands of the national and international corporate. It is being converted to a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder, and not a Right of the People. This is preventing the fruits of science from reaching the toiling people. Hence there is the question of building up a mighty health movement through out the country. No one will dispute that the health problems are a part and parcel of the total social problems of our country. So health movement is not an isolated one. Hence it is essential to realise the socio-politico-economic structure of the country and to build a total scientific outlook. Who will do it? It requires a band of professional volunteers who will take up the task of creatively working out a solution to the problems ailing our soil, not to copy others. All this effort will depend on the people of the country to sustain, and not on any corporate funding agency. We aim at working towards pro-people scientific health – medical education – drug policies to overcome, to bridge this yawning gap. We believe that the onus lies upon us to raise the voice, to forge the unity of people of all walks of life and all categories of health workers and fraternal organisations bearing similar aspiration, to launch a united peoples’ health movement across the length and breadth of the country which can only safe guard peoples’ right to their health care delivery systems, safeguard their Right to Health, compel the government to implement ‘Health for All’ through pro-people health care delivery system in reality.

Then the question of upliftment of medical ethics and morality not in words but to be practiced in day-to-day life, taking inspiration from the lives and struggles of the pioneers and observing their anniversaries.. We promise to hold high the banner of ‘ doctor-patient’, ‘ health workers-ailing masses’ unity which is now in our moribund society shattered with misunderstanding, misbehaviors and other odds. In this respect we cannot but to quote the words of the great internationalist revolutionary doctor Norman Bethune, “…the function of medicine is greater than the maintenance of the doctor’s position…the security of the peoples’ health is our primary duty…we are above professional privileges”.

We earnestly appeal to all the doctors, nurses, medical and nursing students and health workers of all other categories to come forward for the diseased millions who are waiting for us. We have to educate them and make them health conscious. Health is our birth right not a charity. We have to raise the banner of medical ethics and morality on which the mighty health movement of the ailing masses will emerge to establish fundamental right- “the Health”.